FileSystem ServiceRETAIN/CHANGERemark
Use File System Service  RETAINAutomatically Enabled if the HTTP Server option is enabled in the TCP/IP Stack
 Maximum Simultaneous File access CHANGEDefault is 1. Change to 25. Multiple image files may be opened to enable pre-read while image draw is in progress. Also a file may be read by the TCP/IP stack. Therefore you will keep a slightly larger number.
 Size of Block RETAINRetain this. This is not an editable field.
 Size of Media Flash Page Buffer RETAINDefault is 2048. Retain this.
 Use File System AutoMount Feature CHANGEDefault is Disabled. Enable this. By enabling Automount, the File system stack will automatically call an event handler if there is a mount or unmount event.
 Total Number of Media RETAINDefault is 1. Retain this. You require a single media for this application.
 Media 0 RETAINDefault is Enabled. Retain this.
 Media Configuration 0   
  Media TypeRETAINDefault is SYS_FS_MEDIA_TYPE_SDCARD. Retain this as you are using SD card as the media in this demo.
  File System TypeRETAINDefault is FAT. Retain this. You are using the FAT file system for this demo.
  Number of VolumesRETAINDefault is 1. Retain this, as you are dealing with a single volume.
  Volume 1  
  Device NameRETAINDefault is "/dev/mmcblka1". Retain this.
  Media Mount NameRETAINDefault is "/mnt/myDrive1". Retain this. The files on the SD card will be referred to by using this mount name. E.g., if there is a "hello.txt" on the SD card, then its absolute path will be "/mnt/myDrive1/hello.txt"
 File System Types RETAINDefault is 1. Retain this. You are using a single FAT system in this demo.
 FAT File System RETAINDefault is Checked. Retain this.
 Microchip File System RETAINDefault is Disabled. Retain this.
 Use MBR RETAINThis option is disabled.